Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fifth Sense

I missed my lil' monkeys when I was away. I got a little sad when no one jumped into the bed with me & kicked me in the mommy parts trying to make room for themselves in our dinky bed.

Then I came back from my glance at single-dom life to the usual mother-life and have another interesting morning that I could never have predicted with kids.

As I was standing in my underwear brushing my teeth, my son proceeded to slap my belly and blurt out
I grimaced the best I could & grunted, hey I was brushing with a mouthful of frothy toothpaste, and then I spat.

Me: Please Jacksy. Don't smack my belly even if it is Buddha-ish.

So he stopped. Smiled. And proceeded to LICK my leg.

Me: JACKSY! Stop! Licking is only for ice cream & Popsicles!

He laughed and then both Jacksy & Easty started licking me while wildly laughing like two crazed hyenas.

It only took three days before they made me feel just AWESOME about myself/body & even more AWESOME that my parenting is obviously working?!?!
If this continues I may have to stock up on these sugar traps.

My children are weirdo's, I guess they take after me.

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