Sunday, May 23, 2010

This MonkeeMama Has Moved.

Can't find me? Well not to worry I just headed on over to my own site.

Where you can still find all our Monkey antics & more.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Fifth Sense

I missed my lil' monkeys when I was away. I got a little sad when no one jumped into the bed with me & kicked me in the mommy parts trying to make room for themselves in our dinky bed.

Then I came back from my glance at single-dom life to the usual mother-life and have another interesting morning that I could never have predicted with kids.

As I was standing in my underwear brushing my teeth, my son proceeded to slap my belly and blurt out
I grimaced the best I could & grunted, hey I was brushing with a mouthful of frothy toothpaste, and then I spat.

Me: Please Jacksy. Don't smack my belly even if it is Buddha-ish.

So he stopped. Smiled. And proceeded to LICK my leg.

Me: JACKSY! Stop! Licking is only for ice cream & Popsicles!

He laughed and then both Jacksy & Easty started licking me while wildly laughing like two crazed hyenas.

It only took three days before they made me feel just AWESOME about myself/body & even more AWESOME that my parenting is obviously working?!?!
If this continues I may have to stock up on these sugar traps.

My children are weirdo's, I guess they take after me.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I Learned in LA

I really do know the meaning of the phrase "traffic is a parking lot on the 101".
Yes I have to admit, I was a bit punchy after our hour long car ride. Five lanes of traffic, with cars stopping for absolutely no reason, drove me insane. The edginess finally wore off after my first purchase.

Why would anyone pay RETAIL in this city?!

See this LOVELY daffodil yellow bag. It's the newest member of the family and my first foray into Coach. Really I don't care for name brands but I do like bags that are well made. Ones that can withstand Easty's known penchant for hiding her half-eaten Costco hot dogs in it & then the subsequent finding of them by a certain Jack Russell, who shall remain nameless. Oh yes, UNDER a $100.!!!

You may have heard of the Dry Martini well I had a Dry Latte in LA.

Basically it is a latte with not as much milk. You still get the foam-a-plenty if you like that, I don't, but it was awesome. So easy to go Low Cal in Southern Cal. Heh. Geographically I don't know if that is true (LA is Southern California) as I am challenged with my lack of locations in relevance to the world. I just liked it because it rhymed.

The celebs & people may live BIG in LA but the spots they go to are teeny-tiny.

It just looks like a bunch of vines doesn't it. But walk inside and you enter the darkest, loudest, most BRILLIANT but expensive food restaurant. I do know food, as my ass can attest to that, and it was savory at Firefly. Just don't be disturbed if any men walk in behind you as you go to the washroom, it's unisex and I saw more hookups in there than anywhere outside of it. Just so you know the washroom lock at the end of the bathroom is broken, it isn't vacant it is definitely OCCUPIED.

Just call me WEEZIE!

No not because I look like Mr. Jefferson's wife or anything but I am SO far from my years as a smoker in my '20s that I was definitely coughing up a lung after my trip to LA. In Firefly, you can smoke after 11pm in the restaurant area & I found most people smoked. I could even smell Clove cigarettes, WOW, that will remove a few years from your life. I seriously woke up like I had smoked a pack of Camel Toes, I mean Camels. I am such a smoking prude now or at least my lungs are.

I still LOVE LA though mostly because my girl JoAnne lives there.